Friday, March 9, 2012

Bobby Cline--One of A Multitude of Jungle Larry Alumni

This is a tiger Bob made and painted as a gift for Jungle Larry. Nancy gave it back to him year's later after JL's death. Baraboo would have been wise to have Bob repaint that horrid Arthur Bros. wagon in their collection. Bob, have you ever compiled a complete list of alumni who went on to have career's with animals after leaving Jungle Larry's?

Jungle Larry and Safari Jane were a very important part of my life at the start of my career with animals. When I was contracted by Ringling Bros. the first time in 1984 we were allowed 4 guest tickets for the opening night dress rehearsal. I managed to beg for one more and Larry and Nancy honored me with their presence that magical night along with David and Tim. The 5th ticket went to Andrew Kirby the manager of Clyde Bros. Circus who gave me my first job in the circus working on the prop crew.

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Bob Cline said...

Not a complete list. Nancy and I talked about the company records a few times. It is still on her to do list. Many people know that the following animal professionals all worked at Jungle Larry's.

Roy Wells
Pat White
John Illig
Mike Cecere
Wade Burck
Bob Cline

There are more and I apologize as their names escape me right now. Daryl or Darrell ??? worked in the RBBB elephants after Jungle Larry's.

Art Kozlik was the year round maintanence guy at Cedar Point that started the wolf exhibits and went on to become quite an authority on wolves and hybrids. He spoke and exhibited the wolves at many a northern function when Cedar Point was closed.