Sunday, March 18, 2012


Apolo Rolex

Nickitta Fuentes

Armed with only a degree from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater these aspiring individuals got jobs in the circus and mastered the skill of wild animal subjugation, I guess....... To paraphrase a quote from circus fan Harry Kingston, "If Baumann and GGW were alive today, they would be turning over in their graves."


Dennis said...

Yes, but he is setting records.
For one, longest dead spot moving 'furniture'.

Anonymous said...

I thought GGW invented dancing girls and swishy moves

Wade G. Burck said...

Wasn't that amazing. Over 20 min's of nothing. Any time you have to ask for applause so the folks know you have completed something or cup your hand to your ear, or to explain what you are doing, etc. etc. you have failed miserably as an entertainer. Miserably.


Wade G. Burck said...

GGW didn't invent dancing girls, they embellished what he did, they didn't do it for him. If you thought anything about GGW was "swishy" you need to reevaluate your "persuasion" and which direction you swing, Pal. He was ill advised to sing a short duet with Barbara Mandrell for finale one time, that's all. For which he later apologized for. :)


Jim Zajicek said...

My Grandfather after work attended "Prof. Ridges School of Dance"..So he could court my Grandmother in the 20's...I had No Idea Prof Ridges could have just as easily transformed him into Clyde Beatty ...interesting to say the least...

Wade G. Burck said...

What's even more amazing is that explains where you got your incredible grace, coordination, and balance. It was genetically transmitted via your grandparent's. I have known many less gifted individuals who if upon tangling their pant's leg in the spokes of a unicycle, would have come off that wire like an overloaded bag of shit. Not you, twinkle toes. No sir. You managed to untangle the pant's, and continued to soar like an eagle, without missing a beat thanks to Granddad and Grandma.
Had you devoted yourself, I can say without fear of contradiction, clod hoppers and all, you could have been the "Twyla Tharp of the Steel Bound Den of Fury."
To even begin to appreciate the uncanny parallels between you and Ms. Tharp consider that she was named after Twila Thornburg, the "Pig Princess" of the 89th Annual Muncie Indiana Fair staged in 1941, plus there used to be a pig named Wilber in Charlotte's Web, plus you got your start in the animal biz from a man named Wilber. Whoa, that's freaky, isn't it. :)
Nice to hear from you, friend. I assume it has been "lot's of cash, and big, big prizes" out on the side show trail this year. Aqui, aqui,