Thursday, February 9, 2012


Can anybody identify the male on the left with the balls on his tusks?


Bob Cline said...

While I can't positively identify it, I can narrow it down for you. Based on the attire, it appears to be late teens to the early 1920's.

The fact that a wagon in back is completely for dogs indicates a large show. To me, that narrows it down to a 15 car show or more.

That puts Al G. Barnes, Sells-Floto, Hagenbeck-Wallace, Sparks, John Robinson, Christy and RBBB in that general category.

Christy had COCO from 1926 to 1932.

Al G. Barnes had BARNEY from 1916 to 1924, VANCE from 1916 to 1931, and TUSKO from 1920 to 1931. I have never seen any photos of Tusko in harness before but who knows.

Hagenbeck-Wallace had ( Little ) DIAMOND from 1916 to 1922, and LOUIS from 1913 to 1922.

Sells-Floto had BILLY SUNDAY from 1916 to 1926, FLOTO from 1906 to 1921, SNYDER from 1906 to 1920, CHARLIE ED from 1922 to 1930 and YOUNG SNYDER from 1920 to 1931.

RBBB had ALBERT from 1919 to 1929, CHARLIE from 1919 to 1924 ( Who remained in Quarters most of the time ), JOE from 1919 to 1934, JOHN from 1919 to 1932, MIGHTY from 1919 to 1923, RYO from 1919 to 1928, and SAMMY from 1919 to 1932.

John Robinson had MAJOR from 1915 to 1924.

Sparks had MUTT from 1914 to 1921 and OLLIE from 1910 to 1917.

Now if someone can give a better conclusion as to the show equipment seen, you can narrow it down even further.

Wade G. Burck said...

Jesus!!!!!!! My first thought was "how in the hell does he know the elephants are pulling a dog wagon. That's crazy....." Then I looked at the picture again, and realized you must have been talking about the wagon in the upper left. Great stuff, thank you once again.


Richard Reynolds said...

I think the male is George who was a Cole Bros bull and was on its subsidiary Robbins show in 1938. In fact I think this may be a Robbins photo.

It played Atlanta in 1938 but the newspaper ads called it "Famous Robbins" instead of Robbins Bros. That may have been the doing of agent Floyd King.

My Dad took me and always said we had seen Robbins Bros no reference to "Famous."

That was no doubt due to the fact that "Bros" paper that was all over town plus the fact that the wagons and train cars were labeled "Bros."

We had been on the lot that Sunday.

Wade G. Burck said...

Amazing, deja vu!!!! Did you were pant's and hat's like these youngsters in the photo?