Monday, February 13, 2012

Unknown Elephant Trainer--Possibly a Hooligan?

Has anyone talked with Herriott lately? I ran a deal on his hometown 3 day's ago, I threw shovels full of horse shit around the blog yesterday, and today ran some Mickey Mouse Club Circus in an effort to lure him out. John Milton's a grand old troop, and I get worried about him when he doesn't come stomping around periodically. I am going to play hard ball and run this picture of some "first of May" with one of those no good rabbity African Elephants. Maybe the good Col. will get over here and identify the trainer?


johnny said...

note that you liked my comment about circus vargas on another network. we do agree on a few thngs.

yes me and laura with hoxie baby elephants. i was proud of the training i did in a few weeks

Wade G. Burck said...

It's about time, Herriott!!!! I get worried about you. You need to check in and comment at least twice a week. I don't think that is asking too much. I am finding as I get older, I am agreeing with you a lot more. :)

My best to Mary Ruth,


Bob K said...

I always enjoy your stories and look forward to many more.
Bob Kitto

Mireille said...

I am so Glad that the HOOLIGAN got back to you..I love him Dearly...He sure is a great person.