Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letters Like This Are What Make a Pleasure Like This Blog, Even More Worthwhile

Excerpt from a recent private email:

You and I have met several times over the past 30-odd years.

The first time was when you played Beloit, WI on the Vargas show. That was my first introduction to a full scale white tiger act. What a sight! Ada was appearing that summer at CWM in Baraboo with her cat act- another fine presentation in the European fashion. Your act impressed me so much that I dragged the old man up to Madison, WI a couple weeks later to see it. I believe the last time you and I met in passing was several years back at the Delavan Circus Mixer. Rex Williams was still alive and a contingent of folks always came up from Cuneos place.
I did have the pleasure of meeting your son and his wife a couple years back at the CWM opening week end. The local fans had arranged a discussion group (in lieu of a banquet speaker) with Elaine, Brian Franzen, and Greg DeSanto giving thier views on the industry.

I do want to Thank You for your blog. It's one of the best I've seen dealing with a variety of subjects and sorting out fact from bullshit. Thanks-

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