Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hawthorn Wild Animal Fantasy--Rehashing An Animal Act

These photos are what was left of the original Hawthorn Wild Animal Fantasy. It was sold to Kelly-Miller where it remained for a couple of years, before being resold to Circus Bells in Mexico where it was presented by Jim Garner. In the top photo the black leopard which rode the zebra in the original act has been replaced by one of the white dogs(John Cuneo claims to this day white wolves :) sitting up on a T bar just as the black leopard did. I don't know if it is the same zebra that was in the original act, that is now riding the elephant, but I don't believe so. In the second photo the zebra has been replace by a "Gibbs Siberian Zebra" and the dog has been replaced by a leopard. In the bottom photo, the lion was never in the original act, but the leopard and the hang seats on the arena were. There are still a number of those hang seat's from the original Hawthorn Wild Animal Fantasy at the winter quarters in Illinois. Kept, I am assuming on the off chance Eloise comes back and want's to build a new act. :)

Show owned animals often times had/have a "fate" that wasn't/isn't pleasant. As opposed to private ownership they usually were/are treated as equipment to be traded or sold as you would trade or sell a truck, a tent, props or other equipment. Trainers/presenters are often changed/replaced at a whim with no consideration to the animals comfort or mental well being. An ethical trainer/presenter is often time put in a terrible compromising position in an effort to appease a "I own them, I can do what I want with them, and you will do as you are told" producer. There are exceptions of course, but not many. In the United States, Ringling. In Europe Krone, Togni, Knie, and few others. In Latin countries, none that I am aware of.

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Casey said...

Very well said Wade ! I am sure in todays times these owners think a whole different in todays economics of buying animals.