Saturday, February 18, 2012

For John Milton Herriott--Josip Marcan Copying Me In the Mid 80's

You will note that Josip hasn't yet reach my skill level, as he has laid down liger, tabby, white, tabby white, tabby, tabby!!!!!!! white, tabby. That really shit's up an every other color laydown/oblique but it is a nice attempt none the less. :)

Here we see two tabbies have gone to the outside making the whole thing "guacamole" in my way of thinking. A few more years of videotaping me, and Josip should get it right. :)


Anonymous said...

Wade, regarding albinism which we were discussing previously. I was looking at your pictures of the albino humming bird etc. My father once photographed an albino porcupine in the wild and one later turned up in the Bio-Dome in Montreal. I often wondered if it was the same one. Sincerely Paul

Wade G. Burck said...

It's possible, I guess. Although I doubt anything would want to go to Montreal. :) Have you noted how albino animals have "seemed" to become more common the past decade? Loss of genetic diversity or better photographic equipment? Are we not interpreting Nature's subtle hint's?