Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For Any Folk's Who Pick Up Their Mail In Private Idaho

So what if donkey shit stinks, attracts flies, offends you, and most importantly, you and your family just don't like little animals pulling a wagon. How are these good folks supposed to get from one side of town to the mercado, for weekly family supplies and back again? They compromise by waiting until Sunday morning when traffic is sparse. What is your compromise for them? I promise that dog staying close is happier then any nail painted pup being walked around the 'Poochie Park.'


Dennis said...

I see the policia black and white.
Are they waiting to fine that nice family when their burro takes a dump and they don't bag it up?

Wade G. Burck said...

You know better than that. "TIM", This Is Mexico. The policia don't need to hassle anybody for anything. They were just leaving a hey rube at the taxi stand where they made a quick 150 pesos(Federales, 200 pesos. The best deal? The Vigilancia. Just tell them to f off) to ignore it. They were on their way downtown where they would continue to "serve and protect" until their shift was over.