Thursday, February 2, 2012

Does Anyone Know The Rest Of The Story?--Tucson Zoo

The elephant data base lists Sabu as dead from unknown Feb. 2, 1981. As this photo was taken Nov. 21, 1970 we have to assume Sabu got a "reprieve." He is listed as wild caught in 1965 and came from Jetts Petting Zoo to Tucson in 1966. He was apparently a pretty tough elephant at the age of 5 when this photo was taken. I wonder if his mouth is open to receive a treat, or if he is attempting to snatch the photographer?


john herriott said...

This could be the elephant that Al Dobritch bought for "kokomo" [his name escapes me at the moment but it was like James coughlin. Dobritch wanted it so he could compete with Jenda and tanya. Kokomo was an alcoholic and the elephant became unmanageable and Dobritch got rid of him. Last I heard. Buckles would know more.johnny

Wade G. Burck said...

Lou Regan mentioned Kokomo a number of times, and none to complimentary. That's where I first heard the name.


Jim A. said...

I remember Kokomo working a little male when associated with Paul Kelly in the late 60s, maybe 70s. The elephant card people will no doubt come up with more.