Sunday, January 1, 2012

Zoo Directors--Roland Lindeman Catskill Game Farm

Year Unknown Now a "Ghost Zoo."


Jim A. said...

I visited Catskill Game Farm one time I think in the early 80s. Only had a letter of introduction from Charlie Hoessle to get in but had never met Mr. Lindeman. I went up to the ticket booth and the lady said go talk to the guy in the golf cart - it was Mr. Lindeman. He took us around then dropped us off so we could leisurely see the collection. He met us for lunch then took us to his house for a drink and a tour of some of his art collection. What an experience. A great collection of hoof stock and a fine gentleman.

Wade G. Burck said...

He and his son in law Jurgen Schultz were indeed modern day "Hagenbecks." Przewalski's Horses, Tarpan, and Ankole were just a few of the species that you went straight to Catskill to get.


Steven M. Crevier said...

I visited the Catskill Game Farm every year from the late 80's to the time it closed in 2006. I my view there was no better zoo than the Game Farm. I also have an large collection of postcards from the Game Farm. I can't believe it's gone.