Sunday, January 1, 2012

Zoo Directors--R. Marlin Perkins Lincoln Park Zoo

Holding three dingo pups born at Lincoln Park Zoo 1946

On Safari with Tschamber and Turner 1947


Marlin Perkins and Mayor Richard Daley 1961


Jim A. said...

Any information on the safari? In his early zoo days in St. Louis, Mr. Perkins would go down to the swamps of southern Arkansas or other southern states to collect snakes to trade. He was often accompanied by Moody Lentz and sometimes Director Vierheller. I've seen a photo of Marlin and Raymond Ditmars on a collecting trip. The younger person in the photos might be Virgil Turner who was a keeper in the St. Louis reptile house. (STL Turner was one of the few old timers who knew Mr. Perkins long enought to call him "Perk".)

Wade G. Burck said...

None. I thought you could help us given the names of the other two members. 'Virgil Turner' seems like a good guess. All due respect, 'snake folks' are an odd lot in the zoo world.