Sunday, January 1, 2012

Zoo Directors--Lloyd Hackl Duluth Zoo



Jim A. said...

Might be more to this photo that a picture of Mr. Hackl. That appears to be a mongoose on his shoulder at a time when mongoose didn't get in the US easily. Don't know what specie of mongoose or the back story. The few mongoose on display were at the National Zoo acquired as gifts from foreign governments.

Jim A. said...

Little quick research on the internet: It is an Indian mongoose brought to the Zoo by a sailor who's ship had docked in Duluth. Got to be quite a publicity prize for the Zoo. The mongoose was illegal but since it was a single animal reproduction was no problem. "Mr. Magoo" got a repreive from the Sec. of the Interior.

Wade G. Burck said...

Pretty sharp for a old man worthy of a beret. I should have known you would have picked up on the 'chipmunk.' Then before I can download the link, you find the information your self. Yes, it was a pr prize for little Duluth Zoo.