Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Monkey Islands--Independance Zoo



This rhesus monkey exhibit was constructed in 1932. It's historical significance is that it was the home of the first non-communist monkey in space. Launched on May 28, 1959, Miss Able returned safely to earth but died soon after during surgery to remove implanted electrodes.


Jim A. said...

Interesting series on Monkey Islands. Must admit in my youth I found them entertaining and probably fired a few peanuts or marshmallows there way. I enjoyed watching climb about on a pirate ship or old car. The newer versions often display gibbons, like at Disney. Hard to find a rhesus display now.

Wade G. Burck said...

I used to feed them part of my ham sandwich. They appeared to like it. As entertaining as gibbons are, and with their vocalization hard to beat, I personally find the Colobus monkey to be pretty spectacular. Cleveland Zoo and Naples Zoo(Jungle Larry's African Safari/Caribbean Gardens) has a nice troop of them. Once mankind came to unanimous conclusion that tobacco was harmful, there wasn't much need for a rhesus monkey any more. :)


PK said...

I recently paddled up the Silver River in Silver Springs (Ocala) and I saw plenty of Rhesus monkeys in the cypress forest along the banks.
They are not shy,either. I got the feeling that if I got a little too close I would probably get mugged.