Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unknown Show

Elephants bathing in the Mystic River(isn't the Mystic salt water?) Everett, Mass. while the circus was at Sullivan Sq. grounds. The recent promotions of "don't we love our elephants" by taking them swimming are pretty lame and outdated when it has been done for years and years as a matter of course if you happened to be close to a body of water. I have pictures of Adam standing on the banks of the lake at the Trenton State Fairgrounds watching my elephants swimming in 1978. We laid off there for 4 weeks each year and the elephants went swimming every day. It wasn't done for any other reason other then the lake was there and available. As lame and knee jerk are the "pedicure" demonstrations. Done for centuries, what's the big deal? I am waiting for a horse trainer at a big clinic to do a hoof trimming demonstration as "proof positive" that he loves his animals and the activists are full of it for suggesting other wise. Has anybody seen a dog trainer at Westminster sucking up with a nail clipping demonstration? It's all part of the daily process of the particular animals husbandry. Not a big deal, so quite BSing the folks.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but at least the elephants seem to enjoy the water and it gives them some free time, plus they come out clean. Whether it's a publicity stunt or not, so what, you have to have publicity. The animal walk from the train has been a publicity stunt for years, but it's practical, and who can argue that the exersize is good too. Publicity isn't a bad thing.


Wade G. Burck said...

Agreed with all, except it is pushed as proof that the animals are "loved" and thus their captive environment is good, regardless of what anybody else say's. To get the press there for a photo op, great. To use it as some phony "self promotion," it's pretty lame.