Friday, January 13, 2012

Shrine Circus 1962

At :20 is footage of Guy Gossing's fighting lions. Any idea who the sea lion trainer is, and the elephant act. At the end it looks like 7 elephants in the spec.


tanglefoot said...

Seals, Roland Teiber,jr. elephants, roy bush-hunt bros. tanglefoot

tanglefoot said...

Theron biycycle act, Larry Rule=Sandy Winters-helicopter, hannefords with tommy, george, kay and struppi, probably oscar konyot chimps. would assume its a jimmy hetzer date. tanglefoot

Note; Wade please inform buckles that I have not figured out the new-fangled commentay procedure. maybe a visitor will show up that is computer plus. i hope so. thanks from the tanglefoot goof.

Wade G. Burck said...

You are priceless, Herriott!!!! Why don't you come to Mexico and we will work it out together. I could use a skilled hand anyway.... The message has been delivered to Woodcock.


Jim A. said...

I'd second the Col.'s comment that the sea lions are Roland Tiebor Jr.'s. My clue would be the box seats that Tiebors used.