Monday, January 2, 2012

Krone's "la perle du Bengale"


Anonymous said...

My gosh, the animal numbers were very, very weak on this show. You have come to expect better from Europe. The horse act was a mess and one of the slowest I have ever, ever seen. Is it a new act? You will usually only see an act walked if it is new. Who is the presenter? I could not catch the name. It sounded like Yana Mama.


Wade G. Burck said...

The presenter of the elephants, exotics, and horse's is Jana Mandana. She is assisted by James Puydbois with the elephants. I don't think it is a new horse act. Does anyone know any different? I will agree, strangely it just seemed to barely be held together.

Type Jana Mandana in the seach bar for other pictures of her performance. This from wikipedia if you read German:

Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone, geb. Pilz, (* 1979 in der Schweiz) ist Tierlehrerin und Juniorchefin des Circus Krone.

Sie wurde 1979 als Tochter des zirkusbegeisterten Ehepaares Pilz in der Schweiz geboren. Ihre Eltern waren eng mit Christel Sembach-Krone, der Zirkusdirektorin, befreundet, so wuchs Jana Mandana (Mandana ist übrigens ihr zweiter, auf eine iranische Großmutter zurückgehende Vorname) im Circus Krone auf und wurde von Christel Sembach-Krone, selbst eine hervorragende Reiterin und Pferdefrau, als Reiterin und Tiertrainerin ausgebildet. Schon als junges Mädchen trat sie mit einer Exotennummer im Circus Krone auf.

Vor einigen Jahren wurde sie von der kinderlosen Christel Sembach-Krone adoptiert und ist damit die präsumtive Nachfolgerin der Zirkuschefin. Als solche ist sie beim Circus Krone Herrin des Marstalls mit 60 Pferden, die sie sowohl in Freiheitsdressuren wie auch unter dem Dressursattel vorstellt. Außerdem arbeitet sie mit den Exoten – Lamas, Kamele und Zebras – des Hauses Krone und zusammen mit Krones Elefantentrainer James Puydebois mit den Elefanten.

Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone ist mit dem englischen Löwendompteur Martin Lacey jr. verheiratet und Mutter von Alexis Henry Lacey-Krone.


Freiheitsdressur said...

Hi Robbie and Wade,
I think the horse act is from Flavio Togni and as far as I know, it is not new. The act has been with the show since at least last summer and maybe even earlier.
Happy New Year!

John said...

In fact it's Bouglione's "La Perle du Bengale", featuring Krone's animals.Not having run this video I can't be sure, but I believe the horse act is that which was on the 2011 touring show, in which case it should be well run in. If so, the horses are from Togni.

Wade G. Burck said...

Chris and John,
Thank you. I assumed it was the old act, but when viewing it's performance was surprised at how rough it appeared to work.


Jim A. said...

I'll take a shot at the sea lion act - again pretty weak. They didn't do much and what they did was done in the most simple, basic way. The animal didn't balance the ball, it held the ball in its mouth. The "dance" with the trainer only went forward, pretty easy. If it went back and forth with a little flash, that's a professional trick. When the trainer's the feature of the sea lion act is because there's not much of an act.

The cat act was the best animal presentation to me. Not the best I ever seen. The elephants looked like an old zoo act, slow, didn't do much. The exotic act had a groom holding the inside camel on the "tread the needle" or whatever you call it. Kept waiting for a giraffe or rhino.

The entire presentation was very good, the music excellent. If I was sitting in the building it might have appreared better (except the sea lion act).

Wade G. Burck said...

If "cute and charming" was not an alibi for "professional and well done" maybe, just maybe the ticket buying public might be genuinely impressed.


Bjorn said...

Hi Wade,
Maybe it had something to do with the fact that almost all of the animals had a hard time ajusting to the large indoor arena in wich La Perle du Bengale was hosted. James Puydebois for example decided to be better safe than sorry, and left one Asian and two African elephants out of the act, because they got spooked every time they enterd the larg building.

Wade G. Burck said...

That is possible, I guess. Advantage is the ring/performance area being round, looks pretty much like the inside of a tent. If you recall there was a discussion quite some time ago about the advantage to working in a tent, with the same setting day in and day out. Many "informed" me I was wrong about that, but I am not. I have done them both and practicing animals here in Mexico in a one ring tent, with the stable in the same place every day, the performance area the same every day is a tremendous advantage over a building show, where the stable changes every week or few days depending on the schedule, as well as the performance area being different each and every city. Some times you are outside with no building and the next week in a large building, and the next a tiny, small one.
People don't appreciate the skill of an Axel Gautier, or a Charly or GGW or any other "building trainer" in working in an ever changing environment as opposed to a "static" tent environment when "picking" who is the best, or has the best act. That is one of many intangibles not considered, the most important consideration normally being, "was he/she nice or not." :)