Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bolo--Mysore Zoo

There is something real wrong about a male gorilla spending his whole life in "solitary confinement" without the socialization of species members. Bolo is the only Gorilla in South East Asia. That is isolated, like no social animal deserves. He is now aged, and classed as "senile" so it is to be seen if he is transferred to a different faculty, or if he will even be able to adapt to a new environment. I don't know if some feel good sanctuary offering to give him a continued isolated life, what's left of it, is the best solution for him.

Link courtesy of Mark Rosenthal:

The Mysore zoo has a new web site Has some interesting features - their history - conservation activities- even a  surplus list for exchange with other zoos

The Mysore Zoo

MYSORE: Mysore Zoo has relaunched its official website adding the facility
of online adoption of animals.

The new website (www. offers maps depicting different routes to the zoo. Students and wildlife enthusiasts can access the details of educative programmes organized by the zoo on conservation, workshops, competitions, and others.

The website also offers details of all animals and birds in the zoo. Speaking to the TOI, executive director B P Ravi said, "The website will help animal exchange programmes as authorities of other zoos will get all the details on it. Visitors can also post their feedbacks about their experience at the zoo. If things work out, we are also planning to introduce e-ticketing facility on the website by January end. All the activities of the zoo, including arrival of the new animals will be updated whenever it takes place."

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