Friday, January 20, 2012

Belle Vue Circus

This looks like the Court "arched" arena in the photo above. Why was it not used for the act below? Which act was this in the top photo?


gazrob said...


As far as I am aware, the cage on the second image (Blackpool Tower Circus) was winched into position from it's store inside the ring fence, I am unsure how long this cage was used at the Tower.



Wade G. Burck said...

I never realized that, thank you. A section cage dropped down a "slot," something that could only be done in a permanent building like Blackpool Tower. Sigfried and Roy's Japanese tour was not as successful as their Vegas show, given that they could not do the same show with the same illusions on a tour stage that the did at the permanent Mirage.


Jamie Clubb said...

Does this photo definitely say it was taken at Belle Vue? The bottom photo is definitely Blackpool taken in 1937. This was the Fritz Schulz act. The top picture, if at Belle Vue, was the next mixed group Court trained after the Schulz act. This consisted of eight lions (sometimes 10), one tiger, two leopards, a jaguar, two polar bears, two Himalayan bears, two striped hyenas and two Great Dane dogs. At Belle Vue it was presented by Anton. After that it was taken over by Harry and May Kovar and for six months Gilbert Houck. This is the act that came to RBBB in 1939/40 and worked in ring one. By then it was reduced to eight lions, two polar bears, two Himalayan bears, two Great Dane dogs and one jaguar.

Have you any other pictures from this series? There were plenty taken, but I only have a few from Belle Vue. This act was not as good as the previous one.

Jim Clubb

Wade G. Burck said...

These are the only photo's from this series, with the exception of the ringmaster in an earlier thread. They were all identified as "Belle Vue". What about the first act with the young lions and tiger? That is surely the Court cage, is it not?