Monday, December 26, 2011

Zoo in a Drapery Store?

Rosey Bristol Zoo, 1945

Printing of the back of the photo mentions that the elephant's name is "Rosey". There is not date for this photo, but I wonder if it is the same "Rosey" who lived at Bristol Zoo(pictured at the top in 1945) for many years?


Anonymous said...

from Jim Stockley: Happy Christmas Wade - hope you had a good day? I am sending this picture to Jim Clubb for his thoughts but I think that this is my Uncle Dick Chipperfield with Rosie around 1930/31? She was well known for bolting, hence the foot chain running up through the neck chain? I think she went to Bristol before the War.
Very best for 2012 ....
Let's hope the Mayans are wrong!

Wade G. Burck said...

Jesus, I hope it isn't a Chipperfield elephant. Radar will cream his jeans if an 89th comment get's added to the "Jim Stockley Collection." LOL Let's hope it predates "The Collection," so he doesn't lose what little mind he has left. :)
Leg and neck chains brings back fond memories of the 5 jackrabbits from Carson and Barnes I headed out with on my maiden voyage to Mexico at the ripe old age of 18. Show business is all right, isn't it Jim?
As far as I know, the Mayan's have only been wrong about one thing, and that was when they declared, "no way do the Spaniards have the stones, the resources, or the time, to throw down on us mano a mano on our home turf. We'll own those Queen loving Spics and show them who their Daddy is!!!!! We'll send them back home so fast in those fancy boats, their bearded heads will spin." With that one exception, I think they were right about most everything else......


Anonymous said...

from Jim Stockley: Sorry to report, that is definitely Dick Chipperfield (1905/1988) holding the chain. This must be about 1932? To save Radar's jeans:

According to the database at

This Rosie was imported in 1928, went to Chipperfields, then to Chessington Zoo (not Bristol, my mistake) - she was destroyed at the start of the war in 1940 -

I understand the Rosey at Bristol was originally from Sue Lenz's family "Astley Circus" in England.

Mr Casey McCoy Cainan was here today, together with his companion, the lovely Nikki. Your name was mentioned during the course of discussions ;-) It's early days but he seems to have taken to South Africa - whether South Africa takes to him remains to be seen!

All the best


Wade G. Burck said...

I can only assume my name was mentioned in vain. Casey is like a fly on an old pile of dung, he doesn't care as long as the eating is good. :)

Be safe,


Jamie Clubb said...

Yes, this is definitely Dick Chipperfield Snr. with Rosie in either 1930 or '31. She originally came from Chapman's Circus and they got her cheap, as she was a runner as Jim said. She quietened down during her eight years at Chessington and was regularly used in their show.

Jim Clubb