Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zebra Pittsburgh Zoo 1930

I wonder where farrier Gary Hill was at. This zebra sure needed some work.


Jim A. said...

One of my memories of the old Pittsburgh Zoo was an eland yard that was very wet. Must have been wet and muddy a long time because nearly a quarter of the yard was underwater - and duckweed was growing on the water. Some of the other hoofed stock yards were as bad, just not maintained.

The old Zoo was pretty crummy but it did have a few claims to fame. It was home to a claimed 27' foot long reticulated python. I saw the snake, didn't measure it but it was big. Pittsburgh also had the 3rd black rhino birth about 1962. The new Pittsburgh Zoo is very nice with some first-rate programs.

GaryHill said...

Wade, funny you say that. I trimmed many Zebras before I ever trimmed a horse...:))