Monday, December 19, 2011

Vintage Circus Model Building

'Back in the day' when you didn't need Howard Tibbitt's bank account to build a miniature circus.


Anonymous said...

You can still do inventive model building on a shoe string budget. The challenge comes in the fact that packaging has changed.

Years ago food stuffs came in wooden and cardboard containers that could be converted into wagons, railroad cars and whatever. Kids also played with "toy" animals and people that lent themselves to conversion. Now it's plastic and such, which generally doesn't lend itself to carving, slicing and such. And kids have digital and electronic gadgets, and not things that develop the imagination.

Maybe the Circus Model Builders should sponsor a competition to see who can make the best models from today's readily available garbage and recycle materials.

The American way isn't to give up, but to try again, in a smarter and more enlightened way.

The correct name is Tibbals. His model does wonders to educate another generation about the wonders of the railroad tent circus. You ought to go over and meet him. You'll come away with a different attitude, and you can also consult personally with him on his Sylvia figure.

Anonymous said...

Correction, guess you'll have to go to West Springfield, MA to adjust Sylvia's figure, which is as you say.

Wade G. Burck said...

What attitude???? I expressed an opinion in a lighthearted way. What do you mean Sylvia's figure "which is as you say?" Hot and sexy or 50 miles of bad road? Joe, say it ain't so. Nobody can tank that fast, nobody.