Saturday, December 10, 2011

South Africa: Our Wildlife Is Fair Game - President Sata


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Oliver Wendall Holmes

Courtesy of Mark Rosenthal


Anonymous said...

from Jim Stockley: Your link doesn't seem to work anymore? There is a link to the story here: - the newspaper headline is a bit misleading, it should read 'Southern Africa' as the story refers to Zambian President Sata and Zambia is way north of the country of South Africa ;-)

I liked one of the comments under the article:

Author: grewardoug
Mon Nov 7 10:38:36 2011

"Someone posted this story on the Zambians World Wide site and Heather Chalcroft owner of the Lusaka Lowdown responded saying it was not so bad as it appeared. Apparently Zawa was riddled with corruption and was not working properly. Also the poachers who were released were small time guys who shot 1 buck for the pot. They were not like the professional poachers who use helicopters and vets to dart rhinos and then quietly kill them for their horns. I am sure that Heather could tell us more. In Africa one must never take things at face value."

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you. I just tried the link here in Mexico and it worked. It must be your issue in South Africa. :) Interesting that the poachers released appeared to be men feeding their families, or at the least themselves.


Anonymous said...

from Jim Stockley:

I think it is an AOL link that doesn't work here ;-)

Yep, huge difference between a 'traditional hunter' feeding his hungry family ('there but for the grace ...' and all that) and the SOB's that are killing rhino from helicopters for their horn ..... most of us here recognise that, magistrates sentence accordingly ;-)