Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New Prop's Arrived This Morning, And We Had a Chance To Try Them Out Today.


Stefan Grossmann said...

Nice Wade.

Circuslover said...

can you give the names of the tigers in the first pic ! Nice props, look a bit like the Louis Knie ones


Wade G. Burck said...

They are different then standard seats as the back legs are shorter then the front legs, because of the 'banked wall' of the floor. Took some engineering to get then level without any 'rocking.' The jump pedestals are at the back of the ring so as not to block any view, and also so they don't have to be moved. A fire hoop will be attached to the arena with the propane tank outside. It will be lite from outside and the presenter doesn't even have to move it when finished. It just folds against the arena.
On the left from back to front is Soladin, Kaliff, Krishna, Karma and Sheve. On the right from back to front is Zues, Apollo, Thor, Gladiator, Gala, Shanti, and Luna


Anonymous said...

Whoa - those are friggin awesome. When you walk into the tent and see a set up like that, you KNOW you're going to see something worthwhile.. Picture the scene with colored spots replecting off the props. Dynamite!


Wade G. Burck said...

Lights is something this show has in abundance. I have never seen so many different colors and strobes in my life.