Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Montie Montana and Spot

MM and Spot

Monte Montana, with Spot and F. W. Holland at Hollands store trying on splint boots. California Horsemen, wasn't F.W Holland's in Tomales, Calif.?

Although all of Monties horse's were reported to be named Rex, his first trick horse was named Spot:

Montana was hired to rope horses at a fair. The fair boss gave the teen a horse named Spot to use while he was on the job. The horse handled so oddly, the young man asked his boss what the problem was. It turned out Spot was a retired circus horse. Montana bought the horse and went on the road performing all over the country.

The performer's name, too, was acquired by accident. He'd always gone by the nickname Montie, but it was a rodeo announcer who added the Montana. The first show of the night, the man announced the youth as Montie from Montana. The second show, he accidentally dropped the "from." The crowd loved the name, so the cowboy kept it.

And Montie almost didn't have a horse named "Larry:"

Montie Montana Ropes Horse in Post-Divorce Wrangling - Los ...

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