Friday, December 9, 2011

Lincoln Park Zoo Small Animal House--Preserving History and Architecture

Were the Small Mammal House, pictured below and the Small Animal House listed in the National Register #94001029, pictured above the same buildings with different names, or two different buildings?

Judy the elephant being moved to the Small Mammal House in 1960 where she was kept for the winter at Lincoln Park Zoo

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Jim A. said...

The Small Animal House was the Monkey House for the Zoo. It was also the location for Marlin Perkins office of the left side of the photo. I think the Small Mammal House was the original zoo building. It's been remodelled numerous times. Judy the elephant had a summer barn and in the winter she was brought into the S.M.H. (sounds odd). The keeper with the glasses is Paul Ditamble(sp?) head keeper in the building.

Judy came from the Brookfield Zoo. When the time came to load her she didn't so they walked her the 13 miles LPZ.