Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Camel Rides--Bronx Zoo 1940's


Jim A. said...

The Zor Shrine in Madison, WI use to give free camel rides at the Henry Villas Zoo. Long ago I remember riding a Bactrian when I was a kid. (Nice medium-sized zoo by the way.)

Camel rides got hot for a while when people got leery of elephants rides in their institutions. I think about 1980.

Wade G. Burck said...

Not for nothing, but an elephant ride still seems safer then one of those ostrich cart deal's some institutions used. :) Do you know who trained the camels for the Zor Temple? Zoo personnel or someone else. I believe they also used them for a liberty act at their annual circus.


Jim A. said...

Don't know who did the training. Probably a long list of people. I rode a camel in the early 1950s and the rides had gone on then for a while. Perhaps Col. Herriott could share some information when he was at Baraboo and did a little elephant consulting at the Zoo.