Wednesday, December 21, 2011

C. P. Fox Wagon Restoration Center--Circus World Museum

Was this wagon, which I believe is # 25 on the same show as the # 22 wagon pictured in use, in the photo in the below post?


Bob Cline said...

Wade, The study of these corporation cages is an intriquing journey into high profile detective work. Some had their number changed as you see here, some were painted different colors, some even had the carvings changed which provides for incredible amounts of speculation.

In this case, they are the same cage. Going from Hagenbeck-Wallace to Louis Goebel, Goebel gave them to the CWM. This particular cage is listed as being 16'3" long and 10'2" tall.

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you for pointing out it is not me, and I may not need to be institutionalized. You don't know how many time's, in attempting to learn about these gorgeous old cage wagon's I have found myself thinking, "What!!!! Am I seeing things, or am I going nut's here!!!" :)


Anonymous said...

The "Corporation" or "Curtis" cages were covered in an article by Stuart Thayer in the CHS Bandwagon magazine years ago. Back issues are readily available. There's also an article index on their website.