Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bobby--Berlin Zoo

The gorilla Bobby.

Although famous for the amount of schnitzel and sauerkraut he could consume, Bobby actually gained immortality after his death due to the revolutionary taxidermy process used to preserve him: 'Bobby is a good example of a particularly successful dermoplastic, which is still considered a masterpiece of art preparation. The two taxidermists developed while the technology of the Teilparaffinierung little hairy body parts that were integrated into the dermoplastic. In this impregnation method to prevent the shrinkage of specimens during drying. Here, the water contained in the cell tissue is replaced by solid substances such as paraffin or polyethylene glycol. This natural representation in primates is especially important to play their face, hands and feet a prominent role for the external appearance.'

Interesting account of the first gorilla to arrive in Europe, and sold to the Berlin Aquarium from Radio Berlin:

'Until 1876, succeeds the long-awaited coup. The first living gorilla is coming to Europe - to Berlin. A peaceable, "melancholic" monkey child, touching and affectionate.

Falkenstein, physician and zoologist of the expedition, found the little gorilla at the second October 1875 tied to the magazine of the Portuguese Pontanegra Laurentino Antonio dos Santos, a weighbridge and immediately offered any reasonable price.

"Accepting By being brought gradually there any food and to tolerate, increased the prospect of bring him safely to Europe, and this is certainly the only way, then other young gorillas for the crossing to get ready; Any attempt to directly without obtaining the prior cessation of the old ways, without the changed conditions very slowly and methodically adjust to bring on board will have time and again and again, a more or less rapidly wasting away and death. "

On 30 June 1876 M'pungu arrives, accompanied by the congratulations of the old Charles Darwin, after a triumphal march through half of Europe to Berlin. '

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