Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zoohistory November 2011

Dear All

Good to see so many members at our AGM. 1) Congratulations to BS member - Mark Norris BIAZA Awards. Newquay Zoo was awarded for a project focussing on zoos in wartime. "The award for best use of plants in a landscape feature / display went to Newquay Zoo for its World War Zoo gardens project, led by educator Mark Norris. The project combines social history and horticulture, investigating how zoos survived in wartime when food was rationed and staff were drafted into the war effort."

2) First and early breeding records for mammals in the UK and Eire < > A request from BS members Alan Ashby & Rob Vaughan: - "This on-going project attempts to list the first instance of successful breeding for mammal species in captivity in the British Isles. Alan Ashby and Rob Vaughan would be pleased to hear from anyone who can help to fill in gaps or know of an earlier date than the one recorded here. There are several species which now breed on a regular basis but for which we do not have a date and location for the first instance. Examples include Red-fronted Lemur, Western Grey Bamboo Lemur, Black-tailed Marmoset, Cherry-crowned Mangabey, Pallas' Cat, Amur Leopard Cat, Onager. It is also hoped to include more subspecies as the list progresses. All information will be gratefully received but it is essential that the source can be validated, preferably in a published format."
3) Meeting of the “Ivy League” of Old Zoos - Experience & Tradition < > "Set in the city park, in the fringe of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the 145 year old zoo awaits you with a unique and impressing architectural heritage, a diverse collection of more than 900 species and with famous Hungarian hospitality." The agenda looks both fascinating and entertaining. I know from my own visit that the architecture is wonderful and still vibrant.
4) A message from our Treasurer < > "Bartlett Society 2012 Membership Renewals and New 2012 Memberships are now available on-line at our website. If you purchase via our PayPal link before the 20th December you could be in with the chance to win your membership fee back with the PayPal 'Buy It, Win It' promotion. There is also the chance to make a wish list and win £5,000 by following the PayPal banner link on our Membership Page." Regards, Paul M. on-line. The Bartlett Society. Email & Facebook < >.

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