Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Rob said...

This is Olga Smart.


Jamie Clubb said...

Olga Smart, the mother of Yasmine Smart. She rehearsed the act, which consisted of eight male lions for the Christmas season at Jack Hilton's circus at Earl's Court. However, during rehearsals one of the lions attacked her because she wore a new costume. This is what I was told by Olga.

The lions had previously been presented by Nicoli, who I mentioned in my comment about Prescilla Kayes. Smart's bought five lions from Jesirich's Circus in Ireland upon its closure and added these five to three lions they already owned that they had already bought from Chipperfield's in 1947.

However, at Jack Hilton's Christmas circus the act was presented by Tromba, a German trainer. I am still to discover the reason for this, as I would have thought the obvious choice would have been Nicoli. I have mentioned on this blog before these lions were the first male lion act I ever saw and it gave me great inspiration to become a lion trainer.

Jim Clubb