Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Rob said...

This is Siegfried Wiesner.


Jamie Clubb said...

Siegfried Wiesner. He had a mixed group of male lions and tigers amongst other acts. His father was also a very good trainer. I saw this act once.

Jim Clubb

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you, he is one I have never heard of, or his father.


Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you. Do you know anymore about him or the act's he had?


Anonymous said...

The picture on your blog; guy neck carry male tiger is Siegfried Wisner.
He worked his own animals: 3 male lions and 3 male tigers in 60's and 70's.
I was in Frankfurter ZOO at that time and he was a friend.
About 1965 when lions and tigers picked up the fight,he continued to
work only 3 tigers; they where super tame.
Josip Marcan.

Circuslover said...

Here is some info about mr. Wiesner:

1961: Circus Busch Hoppe (3 lions and tigers)
1962 – 1964: Circus Willy Hagenbeck (tigers and lions
1964/1965: Cirque d’hiver Bouglione
1965 -1967: Circus Willy Hagenbeck
1968: Circus Krone March Programm
1968: Österreicher National Circus
1969: Circus Roland Busch
1970: Schweizer National Circus Knie (3 tigers and 2 lions)
1971: Circus Busch Roland
1971/1972: Menschen Tieren Sensationen
1972: Circus Mexiko (5 tigers, 1 lions, 3 leopards, 2 jaguars, 1 black leopard)

I remember from some pics that he had also some dogs in his act can this be right ?

Rob said...

This is what I could find about him Wade.He was born on 3-10-1934
in Crimmitschau,Germany and was a learned orthopedic shoemaker.He learned the trade of trainer from his uncle Josef Wiesner.His aunt Valerie,also presented tigers.

1961 Circus Busch-Hoppe with 3 lions and 3 tigers.
1962-1963 Circus Willy Hagenbeck.
1963-1964(Winter)Circus Wilhelm Butz?
1964 Circus Willy Hagenbeck.

1964-1965(Winter)Cirque d'Hiver
1965 Circus Willy Hagenbeck.
1965-1966 Lübecker Tierpark with
2 lions and 3 tigers.
1967 Circus Willy Hagenbeck.
1968( March) Circus Krone.
1968 Circus Carl Rebernigg,Austria
1968-1969(Winter)Lübecker Tierpark
1969 Circus Busch- Roland.
1970 Circus Knie.
1971 Circus Busch- Roland.
Besides the lions and tigers a group of spotted and black (1)leopards,jaguars,lioness(1) and collie dogs.
1971-1972(Winter)Deutschlandhalle Berlin.
1972 Circus Mexiko.
1973-1974 Amusementpark Sapporo Japan with 5 tigers,1 lioness,1black leopard,3 spotted leopards,3
Jaguars,2 Collie dogs.


Wade G. Burck said...

Thomas and Rob,
Thank you for the good information. He sure didn't stay on a show very long, and seem's to have changed/moved every couple of years.