Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Really Made a Lot of Sense, Didn't It??

Born Free's Shelley Waterman with Paco Bockandza, Director of Lusaka Agreement Task Force for the Republic of Congo.(Enlarge this photo and see if you can distinguish whether that is a smile or a smirk on Ms. Waterman's face. It is hard to tell on an activist when they think about all the people they have snookered.)

To raise public awareness of the impact of poaching on Africa's elephants, the Lusaka Agreement Task Force and the government of Kenya burned 5 metric tonnes of seized ivory in Tsavo National Park on July 20, 2011. (Photo by the Born Free Foundation.)

"If you think it makes sense that traveling is only harmful to circus animals, here is something else that made sense to the activists. 5 metric tons of confiscated ivory worth millions on the open market, destroyed at the insistence(shake down, if you are Costa Nostra) of Born Free, newest ally of PAWS(Pachyderms Are Wonderful, but children Suck). How many Kenyan children could the proceeds, if the ivory had been sold, have housed, feed and educated? How many rifles, machine guns, jeeps, and aircraft for the game rangers protecting against poaching? With the elitist Bob Barker building climate controlled habitats and feeding them for life in Colo. the confiscated, castrated, de clawed lions from a Brazilian circus are faring much better then the majority of children and elderly in that country. With he, PAWS and Born Free teaming up on Congress, it should give them a higher mountain on which to stand as they look down and piss on "just folks" below. When are the people who support these "Emperors" like Barker and McKenna with donations going to wake up and realize, to them you are "just folks" also as you crawl to the altar with your tithe. They are toasting expensive crystal and having a joke on you as we speak........... I'm not telling another country how to run their business, which is the same respect I expect from them. I am just telling others to quit telling them how to run their business, also.

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