Sunday, November 27, 2011

This Has To Really Suck!!!!! LOL Evansville 2011

After spending years trying to "crawl out from under the shadow" Adam was thrilled to be asked to appear at the largest Shrine Circus in the United States, the Hadi Temple Turkey Festival in Evansville, Indiana. He drove thousands of miles and arrived to see WTF, my likeness promoting the show!!!!! That's because I am what is known as "an industry impact," son. :) Imagine the new young wrestler from WWE signing a contract to appear at Madison Square Garden and they use pictures of that old bastard Hulk Hogan to sell tickets. That would really suck!!!!!! Other then that Adam reports he had a great time and business was great(which means they will probably keep using my picture LOL) In the second photo, Adam is attempting a lame rendition of what his father in law James C. Hall and I used to refer to as the GGW "Jesus Christ Super Star Compliment."


Anonymous said...

Will we get to see some pictures of Adam`s tigers?


Wade G. Burck said...

If Josip Marcan comes through, maybe.