Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jungleland Revisited--1950

Ventura 101 later Thousand Oaks Blvd. in front.

Thousand Oaks Blvd. Jungleland entrance on the left.


Anonymous said...

The cage wagon with corner images wasn't at Jungleland. It was part of the 1936 Ken Maynard Wild West outfit that went to United Tent & Awning, later to Dave Bradley, who parked it at his amusement park in Los Angeles. That looks to be the location of the photo here. The Bradley vehicles were acquired by Walt Disney Studios, reconstructed, used for a few years and then donated to Circus World Museum. This wagon was extensively rebuilt there over a decade ago, instituting the original 1883 arrangement of a tableau cage.

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you for the correction.