Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Ian

The leopards back feet up on the thin railing of the wagon, in addition to being unnatural, I would assume also uncomfortable, is what always aroused my suspicion of the picture, as well at the usage of "Cheetah."


Anonymous said...

dunno, Wade, I still can't imagine why they would go to the effort. If you enlarge the picture, there are actually two tethers to the collar. One going to each side of the cart. Why would a retoucher add a detail that couldn't be seen unless it was enlarged multiple times? And, who would even have the capability of seeing the enlargement?

Anyway, Wade, I was thinking last night, that your blog is possibly the largest collection of animal related information on the Internet. If there is ANY other site that covers the spectrum that you do, I've certainly never heard of it. Quite an achievement, I'd say.


Wade G. Burck said...

What else in life is as important as animals, besides the air that we breath. If there is anything more fascinating then animals, I sure haven't' found it yet.