Sunday, November 20, 2011

Courtesy of Josip Marcan

Tiger practice today.
PS. Please email some pictures of you
practicing new tiger act in Mexico.
- Also,I will probably go to see Adam in
Evansville,IN.,next week.

Jesus Josip, you have been video taping me since 1991 when you and David Tetzlaff came to Venice where I was rehearsing GGW's tigers. I should think that would be enough training tips for you to at least get started. Now you want photographs also???? See if John Cuneo will give you some.

I figured you were going to Evansville. I emailed Adam a few weeks ago and told him to be extra cautious if Josip Marcan showed up. Do you recall sticking your head in my dressing room door a few years ago, where I sat bleeding like a gutted pig, and saying "Vade, it is not necessary you do something special just for me." Do me a personal favor, my friend. Tell that to Adam BEFORE the performance. I don't want him to think it is "necessary to do something special for you!!!!"

Be safe, Amigo


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