Friday, November 25, 2011

Cirque Estival Arabians

This horse act has more mile's on it then any working today. Although the clip was titled "Cirque Estival Arabians", we know they aren't Arabians, don't we Col. John Milton Herriott? There was supposed to be a "twos" after the second lineup and reverse but that disappeared almost immediately. The split reverse to a ring curb stand, a John Milton trademark, splitting off and continuing was "guacamole" or "salad" as JM would say. When John was training this act he explained to me why he did what behaviors he did, in the order that he did. It made perfect sense to me, and I replicated the act at the Lake Geneva horse park with 6 National Show horses. Example of the thinking of a skilled experienced trainer like John Milton. Below we see the leader outrunning the two's and it never formed. John explained, "they have to naturally slow down to do the reverse back to the left, and at that moment you can push/jam them into the ring curb and bring them into two's at a walk before the leader has a chance to try to race away. That's a free tip, that is priceless for all you young "wanna be" liberty trainers straight from the "horses mouth" of John Milton, from me to you.

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