Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beauty and Beast Leopard Act?

Jim Clubb, is this the "Beauty and the Beast" act with out the girls? Those look like the "tower pedestals" leaning against the back wall that leopards sat on with the girls underneath doing shoulder carries. John Cuneo told me one time Court had pedestals that lit up with lights. Are these those pedestals?


Jamie Clubb said...

This card is of the mixed panther act when it first arrived in the USA. These are the old light-up props. They were changed when he did the Beauty and the Beast act, except for the ones you can see in the background. Some of the animals would have been the same - definitely the black jaguars, two pumas and probably of the original leopards. He changed the black panthers many times. He always had two spare and only ever worked two in the routine.

Jim Clubb

Wade G. Burck said...

Very few people know about those "lite up props." Have you ever researched what became of them? Were they destroyed, rehashed, sold? I would sure love to have a couple to set ferns on out on the lanai. They would look great on either side of the GGW bridge. Larry Allen Dean, the lucky dog has Pat Anthony's barrel with the iron lion heads on it. When you get through being sentimental with them, I have just enough room for a Clubb pedestal. I'll need someplace on the lanai to set my laptop when I return stateside. :)