Sunday, November 20, 2011

1893 Chicago Worlds Fair

A halftone print of the Southern Colonnade. The architect of the Colonnade was C. B. Atwood, of Chicago. The chariot groups on top of the building and the lion below were by M. A. Waagen.

A first impression photogravure, by Goupil, of a view of the Canal with gondolas.

A halftone print showing an image of the Electricity Building at night, lit only by the light of the moon.

A halftone print showing the Fisheries Building, which houses columns, caps, balustrades and pediments. There are curving arcades, which connect the main or square building with the spherical wings at the east and west ends. These promenades are open on both sides and house beautiful balustrades with double pillars placed at short intervals to rise up in support of the arches. The arches are fairly uniform in size and structure, save for the ones at the middle where they are built larger for entrance ease. All of the elaborate decorations represent a fish, water creature or other watery elements.

A halftone print showing a view stretching across the West Lagoon of the fair. Buildings and architecture shown include, the White Star Line pavilion, the bridge across the canal, the Hooden or Japanese Dwelling Houses, the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building.

I went to Disneyland once in 1984, and Disney World once in 1986. I had young son's so there were no options. I wasn't impressed. I never went back. I just always figured the Worlds Fair/Exhibition folks had been way, way, way ahead of the game. What would you give to have been able to marvel at one of these deals?

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