Sunday, April 24, 2011

Speaking of old Circus Reports

An individual whom I used to consider a friend, but not so much any more was "kind" enough to send the Circus Report above from 1976 with the inquiry, "Have you ever heard of this joker named Ward Burke, that trained tigers for Clyde Bros? " I replied back that I hadn't, but "he was probably just some towner, wanna be Gunther Gebel Williams pretender hack, because everybody had the GGW fever back then."

He also sent this with the inquiry, "I wonder if the goof's Murray Hill hired off this ad realized they were going to go into a witness protection program and would be on the lame for a couple of years." LOL How can you not love history?


Anonymous said...

Wade-Did you notice that you were involved in a "historical spec?"

Hmmm? Did they used a choreographer for that?

Wade G. Burck said...

No choreographer necessary. The only thing historic was that I hadn't been paid for a month, and when I was caught up and paid, I was paid half loonies and half dollars, even though we had only been in Canada a week. But I was with it and for it back then, still more towner then showbiz, and didn't realize tell years later that it was just one more in a long line of shafting. LOL

What I remember most about May 1976 was that I had lost my dear father, I had an amazing 2 month old son named Adam, and I was making plans to report to Trenton New Jersey State Fairgrounds and unbeknown at the time, many years of wonderment and excitement with the Hawthorn Circus Corporation, John and Herta Cuneo, the world's only performing White Tigers and some of the greatest elephants in all the world.