Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Circus Corp.--Sells Floto--M. D. McCarter Photographer--Available for Purchase

All due respect, Col. Herriott but this training ring above, which would make me crazy, looks like something you would still be able to get the job done in. You are the only trainer I have ever known, who can wake up in the morning, and say "I think I am going to make a new liberty act today," and after your coffee walk out to the pasture and grab a black pony, 2 chestnuts, a pinto, a camel, and a llama and by the end of the day, have a new liberty act.

This isn't an easy deal, to work liberty horse's in an outside open ring, without the aid of a "European chapiteau living round pen"!!

This is special for you, Col. John Milton Herriott. Once everybody get's comfortable, I respectfully ask that you treat us all to a history lesson.

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