Friday, December 17, 2010

Modern Frankfurt Zoo

Exotarium and sea lion pool

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Jim A. said...

A few memories of a visit to Frankfurt in the fall of 1989:

Many signs were also in English and I heard several English speaking guests. Didn't hear or see that at other zoos I visited.

In the old elephant house they had no elephants but an explanation that they felt they didn't have the proper room to exhibit them. They would have them at their "country zoo".

A sign over the entrance to the Nocturnal House informed guests to watchout for pickpockets.

Sea lion exhibit had a group of Cape fur seals and blackfoot penguins.

I was eager to see the Exotarium (an added admission). It was dated by that time but an interesting collection of animals from invertebrates to small mammals -- animal that at least were considered difficult to keep.

Dr. Grzimek was the Marlin Perkins of Europe and his Zoo was world famous. It was terrific to see exhibits I had seen in books for years, e.g. the cage where Marcan once performed. I wasn't disappointed.