Friday, December 17, 2010

For Jim Alexander

Ah Jim, come on. We're pals. How could my quest for education, learning, and enlightenment be misconstrued as "jerking the chain?" I received the above rendering of WDI's proposed new elephant facility/exhibit, called Mountain Top Elephant Trek, and was going to blame Walt. Thank's to your insight thing's aren't all his fault, as I assumed. Besides there not being enough usable surface area around the elephants new house, leaving basically just a small yard like exhibts of old, that guest "dissatisfier" you mentioned. only in reverse, long lines for a long, long trip is going to have to be considered. By the time the guests(interesting, because the circus called them suckers) trek all the way up Ganesh Mountain just to look at the elephants standing in a little yard in front of the house, they are not going to be real pleased. I should think this design would be more suited for a flume ride or something similar. In fact, flume ride is the perfect educational "hook", or justification/alibi when you need to patch why there isn't going to be a Mountain Top Elephant Trek to Ganesh enlightenment anymore, when the "dissatisfier hits the fan." A flume ride uses water for locomotion just as elephants also use water for bathing, so we felt a flume ride would better educate the "guests" on the plight of elephants in the wild, what with flume rides being so wild and all. I'm a natural born Education Curator, huh Jimmy?

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