Friday, September 17, 2010


"Vaska", the first Przewalski's horse from the wild to have reached Europe and the only of such who could be used for riding; photo from Askania Nova. Caught in 1899, he travelled to Europe via Kobdo (Mongolia). In 1900 he reached Askania Nova, a year later he was given to the Russian tsar and placed in Tsarskoye Selo, and after a few years given back to baron F. E. Falz-Fein to Askania Nova.

Courtesy of Bjorn Krebbers

Col. Herriott, and Madame Col. Olds Rossi here is your assignment for today: See who can soften that poll, collect that neck, and bring that hip under in the shortest amount of time. Good luck. LOL

For folks interested in more Przewalski horse "trivia" type Przewalski horse in the search bar above.

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Jim A. said...

I'm waiting to see one of those European mixed acts with Bactrian camels, Przewalski horses, and Yaks. The trainer could wear a "cave man" costume.