Friday, May 29, 2015


PICTURE AND TEXT from page 397 of "Animal Life and the World of Nature; A magazine of Natural History" (1902)

ANIMALS AT KHARTOUM. By Captain S. S. Floweb. Illustrated with Photographs by the Author. THE Zoological Gardens at Khartoum, though one of the youngest and smallest of these institutions in the world, is well worth a visit. The collection of animals, though necessarily limited from reasons of finance, is very interesting, the specimens being all from the Sudan, and the locality where each was caught being known in nearly every case. The collection is the property of the Anglo-Sudanese Government, and is looked after by Mr. A. L. Butler, the Director of the Sudan Game Preservation Depart- ment. On the 1st Feb- ruary, 1904, there were living in the Khartoum collection two lions, two leopards, one serval, one caracal, one chita, five ril, one Dorcas and one Korin gazelle, one white oryx, one Wau ram, several giraffes, two ostriches, one secretary bird, one spur-winged goose and several crowned cranes, ultramarine- and fire- finches, weaver-birds, etc., also some animals on deposit belonging to the Egyptian Zoological Gar- dens, which have since been moved to Giza. There is also at Khartoum a Shoebill (Balaniceps rex), but it is kept at the Governor- General's palace, and not in the public gardens, being rightly much valued by its fortunate possessors. The Eil or Addra Gazelle (Gazella ruficollis) is a species veiy seldom seen alive in menageries.

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