Saturday, March 1, 2014

Indian Government's Elephant Service--1907

For many years I have suggested that possibly inferior elephants with physical problems and poor genetics with allowed for the passing on of inferior genetics, were the elephants sold to circus and zoo's.  The physical/mental problems were then often blamed on the captive environment of the animals, instead of the acceptance that the animals were inferior before they ever arrived at the circus or the zoo.

Note this quote from the article above: 'in such a way that the least valuable are put up to public auction, when they fall to the lot of private merchants and companies.'  Further on in the article it states that sometimes an order for sixty tuskers, selected by experts for their intelligence and work ability are selected and sent to a military installation.  The "Frank Bucks" and other animal dealers get the left overs/culls to import to circus/zoological institutions. 

A similar situation occurred in the early 1980's with the large importation of Arabian horses from government studs in Poland and Russia.   It is a rare, rare exception when a breeding facility, stud, or capture site will offer there good stock for sale.  The superior animals are offered as an example of what is produced or what is on hand, but is not for sale.  What is for sale is what has been deemed not necessary(read inferior) to the breeding program, or for use for other purpose's requiring superior individuals.   Those inferior horses, with exceptions, such as Bask never realized their expected potential as breeding stock as was seen in Poland and Russia, and caused the closure of many horse farms and the leaving of "Arabian horse breeders" who had been schmoosed into the industry with dreams of million dollar imported horses. 

The elephant capture centers carry on the same practices as the state stud farms.  Nothing wrong with it, and it is normal practice.  Buyer beware.

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