Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Whenever You Do A Thing, Act As If All The World Is Watching"--Thomas Jefferson

"I am not sharing these video's attempting to point a finger at another industry, in an attempt to justify myself.  I am sharing them solely to ask "what make's this acceptable, but training animals, with proper correction and reward, unacceptable?  In the top video listen to the "pop, pop, pop."  That is pig's being handled and moved with a whip.  Technically, it is called a "bat" with nobody gagging or crying, although in addition to a bat being used to hit a baseball, the mafia and other gang's use a bat to bash someone to death and kill them.  A bat is exactly like a whip and is used for the same purpose, to move something along at an accelerated pace, the difference being it has a broad piece of leather on the end, folded and doubled over.  It is normally used for what is called "speed event's" in the equine industry, barrel racing, pole bending, stump race etc. as well as on the track with race horses.  A "normal" whip such as a dressage whip would leave a welt on a horse if used like a bat whip is used.   The doubled over leather spreads out the contact so it can me used aggressively without leaving a welt.  The doubled over leather slapping together is the "pop, pop" sound you hear.   The animal moves away from the contact as well as the sound. 

My question is this.   Would people sit there like it was no big deal, if a tiger trainer was moving tiger like these pigs are being moved.  The big reason is all the people watching this show are pig breeders/raisers and fully understand pigs, and what is the nature of a pig.  The people sitting in the seat's watching the tiger trainer have no idea what a tiger is or what it's nature is.  Yet in all the interview's and videos I have seen or heard in the last 10 years, the tiger trainers don't use the whip to touch the animal.  They just carry it.............."

'Look at the clip above and imagine the clamor and objection if it was a circus parade and the elephants were being moved/handled like these pig's.   Not a thing wrong with it, and again everyone here is a pig farmer/raiser, not some one who watched a Disney movie a couple of times, and are now convinced they are animal behavior experts.   Note them reaching over the pigs and tapping in the direction they want them to go.  That is the same way a mahout riding an elephant or someone riding a horse would control the direction of their animal.  Touching/tapping with the ankus or heel/spurs the opposite side they want them to move to.  When walking and not astride the hook and not the prod are needed to bring the animal to you, just a a lead line is used on a horse to bring it's shoulder towards you.  That's why spur's only have a prod. and not a hook.  They are used for moving away, not bringing too.   

My question is this.  Why is it alright,condoned and acceptable to move pig's with constant contact with a hickory stick, but an elephant were are told is so intelligent nothing, hook, stick, chain, should be necessary to handle it, if the need should arise?"

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