Thursday, October 24, 2013

Omnibus--Horse Drawn Transportation

The “Grace Darling,” named after the maritime heroine who persuaded her father, the keeper of a coastal lighthouse, to rescue shipwrecked passengers, was used by the Huntress family who operated a livery service from the 1860s to 1904 in South Berwick, Maine.

London, England 1872

 Double-decker omnibus built in England in 1874.  Bushnell Carriage Museum, Florida

Sidney, Australia 1893

Sometimes called a "barge," these very large wagons were used for land excursions, generally by hotels for sightseeing on rough terrain because of their high ground clearance from large diameter wheels, four feet in front & five feet in the rear. As this was not an issue on London street's, they were able to utilize the "double-decker" format. The wagons were drawn by a team of six horses, although less were used on smooth or cobble stone streets. Many of these vehicles were names after famous people or locations.

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