Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here Y’Are, Boys! Get Ya Ringtailed Motmots Here!'--Mechanix Illustrated Jan, 1942

Business Of Importing Animals Flourishes Despite War; Freight ...

1926 Louis Ruhe Importer of Wild Animals Illustrated (12/06/2011)...

Hannover Zoo: 

Due to the consequences of World War I, ever increasing subsidies by the government were needed to keep the zoo open. In 1920, the city took over. But in 1922, when the zoo was no longer financially viable, it was closed. Two years later, in 1924, due to public pressure and private commitment by the animal trading company Ruhe, it was reopened with a lions' canyon and monkey rock. In 1932 Ruhe completely took over the zoo and used it as a showcase for their pet shop. Often, the animals could only be seen for a few weeks before they were sold.
During World War II the zoo was badly damaged. 1946 Ruhe restored parts of the zoo provisionally and only a few animals could be seen until the reopening in 1950.

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Richard Reynolds said...

The animal in the second photo above (top of page) is a bongo, not an okapi. She is Doreen pictured in one of the outside yards of the antelope house in the the Bronx zoo. She arrived there in 1933 and was the first of her kind ever in teh US.