Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bob Macpherson/Robert McPherson--Frank Bostock menagerie. Hippodrome de Paris. Season 1904-1905

Is this "Bob Macpherson the same "Robert McPherson" who was with the Peru Corporate Show in the mid 20's?

Bandwagon July-Aug. 1965

In 1925 Clyde Beatty moved to the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus to begin ten straight years of being featured in the center ring. He worked the polar bears and also took over the mixed act that Guilfoyle had worked on Robinson in 1924.
For the 1926 tour the polar bears were given to W. K. Bernard and Beatty continued with the mixed act and took over the big lion and tiger act formerly worked by Pete Taylor. There were 19 in the big act. During the winter of 1926-1927 Clyde polished up the act. Other wild animal trainers around Peru during the middle 1920's were John Helliott, Robert McPherson, Robert Schroeder, Jules Jacot, Aaga Christensen, Mable Stark and a couple of other young fellows - Allen King and Terrell Jacobs. All of these were on the various Corporation shows.

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that Himalayan black bear on top of the wheel looks real skinny to me